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10KW turgo impulse turbine and generator complete(3 phase)



Water head(m): 25
Flow Rate(m3/s): 0.8
Power(kW): 10
Speed(r/min): 1700
Diameter(mm): 200
Inlet pipe: 200mm

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Any question please email to electway@gmail.com or feedback us 1. Runner nuts 2. Runner 3. Spray nozzle 4. Nozzle connection joints 5. Needle valve 6.Hand wheel 7.Nuts 8. Water diversion pipe/steel pipe 9. Main bearing 10.Stator line group 11.Rotor 12.Bearing cover 13.Bearing 14. Top cover of generator 15. Generator case 16. Bottom cover of generator 17. Bearing 18. Water lock/Water seal 19. Frame 20. Anchor screw 21. Pressure forebay With inclined jet turbine, the water flow output from nozzle flows along a certain angle of plane of rotation of the running wheel instead of flowing along the tangent of the turning wheel, and the water flow goes inside the blades from one side and goes out form blades from another side. The inclined jet turbine adopts single curved surface blades, the water flow goes through the blades will splash, therefore the efficiency is low. The inclined jet turbine is applicable for the small-sized and medium-sized power station with the hydraulic head range of 20-400m.

  • Model: XJ13-W-20/1*6
  • Shipping Weight: 280kg
  • 1000 Units in Stock

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